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Sunbird Exploration Generative Project:

The Company‚Äôs exploration program in 2019/20 is focused on the Sunbird generative project. During Q2 2018, an agreement was signed with a Botswana company, Sunbird, to focus on the discovery of new kimberlites within the country using a proprietary UAV magnetometer platform to identify targets.  Data acquisition commenced during Q2 2018 and has continued through to the end of 2019/. Data acquisition in 2020 has been curtailed due to travel restrictions related to COVID-19.  Sunbird will continue to focus on identifying new targets for drilling from data acquired in 2019 and through 2020.


At present Lucara Botswana does not hold any Prospecting Licenses, PL371/2014 was not renewed in Q3/19 due to poor results.