Sunbird Exploration Generative Project:

The Company‚Äôs exploration program in 2019 is focused on the Sunbird generative project. During Q2 2018, an agreement was signed with a Botswana company, Sunbird, to focus on the discovery of new kimberlites within the country using a proprietary UAV magnetometer platform to identify targets.  Data acquisition commenced during Q2 2018 and continued through Q4 2018 incorporating over 50,000 line kilometres of high resolution magnetics. During Q1 2019, geophysical data interpretation continued and a total of 1,933 line km of high resolution magnetics was flown, with field season commencing in late March 2019. A total of 12 rotary air blast holes were drilled (613m) and no kimberlite was intersected. Sunbird will continue to focus on identifying new targets through 2019.  


In Q3 2018, the AK11/24 license (PL371/2014) was reduced by 50% in area and extended for two periods until the third quarter of 2019.  During Q1 2019, a total of 7 rotary air blast holes (364 metres) were drilled in selected geophysical anomalies and no kimberlite was intersected.